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International Geophysical Services, LLC., (IGS), provides geophysical consulting and services for hydrocarbon, mineral, and groundwater exploration as well as subsurface characterization for the urban, mining, and petroleum environmental problems.

The IGS staff and associates have worked on every continent around the globe bringing decades of practical, often innovative solutions to the non-invasive detection and delineation of economic geological resources, contaminant plumes, and buried infrastructure.

We specialize in application of airborne magnetic, radiometric, and electromagnetic geophysical methods along with a wide array of ground and borehole geophysical methods including magnetic, gravity, frequency and time domain electromagnetic, direct current resistivity, induced polarization, seismic refraction, and near surface seismic reflection.

IGS recognizes, and subsequently utilizes, the superior capabilities of the GeoSoft platform for its ability to handle, a greater volume of data, generate high output professional level maps, and its utilization of a larger, enriched and sophisticated set of tools with which to process and properly align the data to reflect the environment it is gleaned from. The end result, is a deliverable package product that our clients say presents a more complete and useable assessment of what they want out of the geoscience data.

When a more complete solution is needed, we team with recognized leaders in other geoscience disciplines including hydrogeology, geochemistry, petroleum engineering, and geotechnical engineering to provide the best geoscience solution to fit the needs of our clients.

Simply put, the mission of IGS is to deliver Geoscience Solutions to Enhance Client Value.


Mr. Ronald S. Bell, President of Operations

Mr. Bell has 30+ years of geophysical industry experience in mineral, groundwater, and hydrocarbon exploration, environmental subsurface site characterization; marketing and sales of geophysical software, instrumentation, and services.


Mr. Richard Wold, PhD, Vice President

Dr. Wold has 30+ years of geophysical experience extneding from the Artic to the Antartic and encompassing terrestrial, airborne, and marine petrophysics, development of geophysical instrumentation and software, academic, government,and industry research, business development and management.


Mr. Walt Amick, Business Manager

Mr. Amick has 30+ years of independant business experience in organic agriculture, construction, mining, excavation, computer software, and web services, with a degree in accounting.

IGS Technical Staff

A highly experienced team of associates provides IGS customers with exceptional technical support and skilled project management.

Mr. Ken Sweet
Specialties: uranium, base, PGM, and precious metal exploration; EM, resistivity, IP, radiometric, magnetic and gravity.

Mr. James Hasbrouck
Specialties: ground water, mineral, and shallow petroleum exploration; containment and engineering site characterization; seismic reflection, seismic refraction, gravity, magnetic, resistivity, IP, controlled source MT, and EM conductivity. California RPG


What our clients say about us ...

International Geophysical Services LLC ("IGS") provided Canamex Resources Corp. with a complete interpretation of an airborne magnetic and radiometric survey that was performed over our 100,000 acre gold exploration property in eastern Guyana. IGS mapped major rock units and shear zones and faults from the geophysical data, along with radiometric anomalies that represent potential alteration zones associated with bedrock gold exploration targets, through a dense canopy of tropical rain forest cover. Follow-up field examination of rock types and major rock contacts interpreted from geophysical data reveals the interpretation was incredibly accurate, identifying rock types accurately and the contacts between rock types with remarkable accuracy. We are very pleased with the results of the work IGS did and have asked IGS to do follow-up interpretive work for us to glean even more information out of the data. Gregory A. Hahn Chairman & CEO Canamex Resource Corp
International Geophysical Services LLC (IGS) provided Mineral Creek Resources, Inc. provided key modeling and QA/QC for a VTEM and aerial magnetic survey on a complex Precambrian Volcanic Massive Sulfide (VMS) deposit. The modeling provided further definition to the geologic units with identification of previously unknown faults. The modeling of identified receptors reduced the drilling program to the VMS zones of greatest interest.

The work by IGS has provided us with key information on our main area of interest and identified additional targets. IGS will be used for further modeling of the additional targets, again to reduce the drilling program to key areas.
Brian A. Beck, PG, CRS Consulting Exploration Geologist
This testimonial is in reference to work performed by International Geophysical Services LLC ("IGS") in re-processing of a historic aeromagnetic survey for Redhawk Resources. The problem involved turning a 1975 survey, from which only hard-copy plots (mainly a standard total-magnetic contour map) were available, into modern products.

IGS digitized the flight line locations and raw data values from original flight-line strips recovered from the original contractor. They merged two separate survey blocks and effectively leveled the data and removed artifacts. Interim products were provided that allowed Redhawk to monitor progress, as well as draft copies of the final plots for Redhawk's approval. The final products were professional-appearing hard-copy plots as well as GIS-friendly georeferenced images, and were delivered in a timely manner. Finally, IGS kept costs consistent with their original estimate.

In short, Redhawk has found the results to be of practical use in its exploration efforts. IGS delivered a full suite of modern aeromagnetic products for an estimated ~5% of the costs of re-flying the same area today.
Brock Riedell
Consulting Geologist Redhawk Resources, Inc.
Ron Bell provided the Oil & Gas Division of JM Huber Corporation with potential field (aeromagnetic, gravity) interpretations from existing data sets in the San Juan, Powder River, Raton and Uinta Basins as part of CBM (coalbed methane) exploration and development programs. Further, they negotiated contracts for and provided QC to aeromagnetic data acquisition programs in these basins within areas of focused interest and investigation.

The interpreted data provided key links to identifying the basement structures that controlled sedimentation and structural features in the overlying sediments, including the coal seams. This in turn helped to develop additional prospect leads, and explanations for anomalous areas of coal seam thickness and fluid (gas and water) production.
Todd Gilmer
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Mineral exploration service technology is our primary business at International Geophysical Services. Through the use of the superior technology platform afforded by GeoSoft, we specialize in application of airborne magnetic, radiometric, and electromagnetic geophysical methods along with a wide array of ground and borehole geophysical methods including magnetic, gravity, frequency and time domain electromagnetic, direct current resistivity, induced polarization and even geo-chemistry.

The GeoSoft platform enables IGS to handle a greater volume of data, generate high qualityoutput level maps, and its ability to utilize of a larger, more robust and sophisticated set of tools with which to process and properly align the data to reflect the environment it is gleaned from. The end result, is a deliverable package product that our clients say, presents a more complete and useable assessment of what they want out of the geoscience data.

From acquisition to report generation, we are equipped to handle all geoscience requirements for your project.

Developing a mineral exploration project?

Whether your project's stage of development is currently in a "grass-roots" stage, or needing exploration development to foster an expansion; IGS's resources can be brought to bear on it's development.

Getting the attention of the right people is the first fundamental principle in any project's development. Having put together a persuasive package, is the second most important aspect in development.

It is our business at IGS to know what methodologies of project development work best for the industry. In dealing with the industry on a daily basis, we are familiar with many key players. We can help your project by the application of those standards that the industry has accepted, while also utilizing those that are most suitable for your project, be they geophysical, geo-chemical, or strategic in nature.

Our contribution and subsequent pricing can be a part of asset equity.


Oil & Gas development has it's own unique technologies for development and monitoring.

IGS has long understood those unique methods, and has successfully brought our clients the products and services that the industry demands. While IGS offers a full gamut of services; (in data acquisition, processing, and interpretation), it is through the application of distinctive technologies in yeilding a subsurface characterization, that, with proper interpretation, brings value to your project.


Our global environment is irreplaceble.

While the parameters for development of natural resources varies from continent to continent, technology now exists to rightfully monitor our impact on the development of those recources.

Historically, there is evidence of adverse impacts in resource development, but geoscience technology can now show us the extent of these impacts.

Ground water is a fundamental resource that must be guarded whenever possible, to insure its quality and availability. IGS has been instrumental in development of systems employing geoscience for such preservation; urban landfills being cheif in their need for the implementation of these systems.

Listed Data sets

Data may be licensed for entire surveys or for specific areas of interest.
High-Resolution Aeromagnetic Data for the Beaver Creek, (1), Lake de Smet, (2), and Recluse, (3), areas of the North Powder River Basin in Wyoming.

To the right is a graphic of the survey areas as they appear within the North Powder River Basin; below are additional details of those surveys.
The position of the three high-resolution aeromagnetic surveys in the North Powder River, can be seen in greater detail with the regional map to the right.

The data sets were aquired over three flight blocks from 7 October, 2000, to 21 October, 2000, known respectively as, Beaver Creek, (1), Lake de Smet, (2), and Recluse, (3). The principle flight line traverses were spaced 400 meters apart with orthagonal tie flight lines spaced 1000 meters. The principle flight direction is N 90 E for the Beaver Creek and Recluse blocks, and N 165 E for the Lake de Smet block.
Please use our "Contact Us" button located under the IGS logo for inquiries regarding the above listed data.
In the event of more complex inquires regarding either the above or other data, please give our office a call:

+01 303-462-1466